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Hi, I'm Martin. The CEO of DD and a consultant to mission-driven organizations on strategy.

My passions are social change and renewing democracy

Our societies (and our democratic systems) help us survive and thrive in the environment we are in. Our ecological and technological environment has been in constant rapid change for a while now. So for our societies to keep serving their functions, they need to adapt as well.

Through my PhD research and my consultancy work at DD - that is exactly what I'm trying to figure out: how to facilitate this societal change, how can organisations go about it strategically and what role can leaders take in enabling this.

"As the world around us changes more rapidly and, as a result, the disruptions become more powerful, a strong civil society will be able to soften these shocks and, at the same time, help us respond more wisely."

Speech at the Estonian Parliament, 2017

I thrive to help mission-based organisations fulfill their potential.


I help organisations design a strategy creation processes - involving the right people, asking the right questions and making the right conclusions.


Working with leaders I help them analyse their organisations and understand what they need to do in order to lead change and manage the everyday better.


I work with civil society organisations on facilitating a better public discussion, building stronger institutions and enabling more voices to be heard.

I've worked with...

The most important part of my work is done in the DD Foundation. It is a small non-profit social enterprise focused on facilitating change in society. Based in Tartu, Estonia at one of the oldest buildings in the city we try to shape a better future by training the next generation of changemakers in DD Academy and consulting mission-driven organisations on strategy at DD StratLab.


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